ARE Wiser. ARE Tougher. ARE Smarter. ARE Sharper. ARE Shrewder. ARE RESPECTFUL. Communicate better. Listen better. Explain better. aRGUE BETTER. instill confidence. instill trust. ARE Innovative. ARE Industrious. ARE creative. ARE Grateful. Respond faster. Write better. Return Calls. Update clients. remain vigilant. ARRIVE EARLY. LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY. LOVE LAW. COMMAND RESPECT. WEAR SUITS. SPEAK  SPANISH. LEARN QUICKLY. HEAR YOU. UNDERSTAND YOU. GET YOU. STUDY HARD. PREARE EARLY. ARRIVE EARLY. WORK HARD. ARE 24/7.


qualities to look for IN LAWYERS

Who to hire as your attorney is a personal ch0ice. One size does not fit all. There are certain key ingredients, the presence or absence of which directly affects client satisfaction. Your lawyer should:

  • communicate effectively
  • be accessible
  • instill trust and confidence
The Manaster Law Firm possesses these characteristics and proudly  shares them with our clients.

One cannot overstate the importance of choosing a lawyer who communicates with you effectively. The Manaster Law Firm is fortunate. It is second nature for us to connect with and find mutual understanding with people from all walks of life. We are confident that we can do the same with you. 

What’s key for us is listening. In conversations with clients, we listen with keen interest not just in what you tell us, but also when, where and how you do. Our aim is to develop as comprehensive and detailed an understanding as possible of you, your story, and your wants and needs.  

Of course we talk as well. We are lawyers after all. When we speak, though, we speak with you. We don’t talk at you and we certainly don’t talk down to you. What’s more is we explain things in a language our clients comprehend. 


Every client of the Manaster Law Firm PLLC has  direct access to and one-on-one interaction with their lawyer from the beginning of representation through to the end. This is somewhat unusual. A shocking number of  personal injury law firms place assistants on the front lines to interface with clients. Their rarely seen attorneys are so elusive many of their clients never see or speak with a single one. 

Our lawyers want to interact with our clients. We have more than just a general interest in what they have to say. We have a vested interest. Your case literally is our case. That is the nature of a contingent attorney fee. We take it very seriously. 


Trust is fundamental to a functional attorney-client relationship. It is a basic tenet of the Manaster Law Firm PLLC. And trust breeds confidence. The absence of trust devastates the working relationship and negates the sort of confidence that is so helpful in this sort of relationship. A dishonest client or an untrustworthy lawyer can spell imminent disaster. 

We have a no tolerance policy for dishonest clients. We encourage all those seeking counsel to adopt an equally stringent standard for their attorney. Holding ourselves to that top level means our clients receive rigorous  honesty, total transparency, honored commitments and admitted wrongs if and when. Our clients have the overwhelming advantage of reality informing their critical decisions.




First, we listen, which is imperative for effective representation. 

Listening builds trust between attorney and client. We want you to know that we’re invested in what you’re saying and we want you to feel comfortable sharing with us. Listening is key to understanding. The flipside of that is it reduces misunderstanding and minimizes or eliminates conflict. Listening is the only real route to empathy, and without empathy how can an attorney present your case to a judge or jury. Listening is how we find out what is expected of us, what information we have, and what information we need. 


Second, we plan, the importance of which can never be overstated.  It is planning that requires us to identify our goals. It also gives us the chance to understand them and consider what is needed to reach them. Planning lets us work with direction  rather than in ad-hoc way. It gives us foresight to see what can help us achieve our goals, what can prevent us from achieving them and what to do about them. It gives a framework for accountability. It also informs our decisions on resource allocation. And in the end, it gives us a basis to assess and evaluate performance so that we can always continue efforts to improve.


Third, it’s time to put our listening and planning into action.

There is truth in the saying nothing goes according to plan. So, why then is it so important to have a plan? Beyond it providing a framework and some general direction, the plan itself is not so important. It is the planning itself that is key. Thinking through what is likely to happen – good and bad – gives us the ability to react faster and smarter than those who do not plan. It keeps us focused on our goals. Planning gives us reference points to get back on track when we are thrown off. Planning gets us where we aim to go.


ADDRESSING the whole problem

The Manaster Law Firm recognizes that every personal injury claimant carries a heavy burden and a complex one at that. We also know that each claimant is unique and each burden is unique. The assembly line approach taken by most accident and injury law firms very often fails the client. We can alleviate the burden only if we recognize and address each of its components. And only if  alleviate the burden is our client then free to return to life as they knew it.

It’s not just the physical effects – temporary or permanent pain, difficulty doing or impossibility of simple tasks, unsightly scarring, and disabilities.  Likewise, it isn’t just that simple mental undertakings take longer, are more draining, and produce inferior results. And it isn’t only the shift – from emotionally stable supporter of others to emotionally overwhelmed and in need of support. Even the financial hardship, which can be catastrophic, does not by itself make up the entirety of the burden. Each of the natural consequences that flow from an injury accident affect, and are are affected by, the others. This compounding effect is the real damage.

Few lawyers recognize, much less resolve, this heavy and complex of a burden. The Manaster Law Firm believes that a claimant will never be returned to whole unless and until the entirety of their damage is assessed, acknowledged, and addressed. Our goal is to give each client what they need to put themselves back in the position they would have been in had their accident never occurred.


The Manaster Law Firm is available to clients – former, current, and future – 24/7. You are welcome to call, email, text message, or submit a message form online.

We can absolutely help you if you feel lost. But we hope you never feel lost, so let’s not allow that to happen. As your legal matter proceeds through its various stages, we will explain what is going on and we’ll do so in a language you understand. If you’re ever unsure about something, we’ll do our best to explain it in terms you understand. Stay found. Don’t feel lost. 

We are always looking for new attorneys that are great to work with and get the results our clients want and expect. 

The best solution for you is the one that you find satisfactory under the unique facts and circumstances of your legal matter. This is not a one-size fits all field. 

We have worked on a wide a variety of cases and other legal matters over the past three decades. Many do not have traditional winners and losers, like a trial does. Over 90% of cases settle. We do well. 

We can help you. Absolutely. But lawyers are  ethically prohibited from making any sort of guarantee about the outcome of one of our firm’s cases. We assure you we will do we can to help you resolve your case on terms that satisfy you.

You can expect many things over the course while your claim, and possibly your lawsuit, is pending.

You can expect to have your patience tested. The process is months long if you’re lucky and years if you are like everyone else.

You can expect the unexpected. A surprise may come in the form of evidence (good or bad) you didn’t know existed, a different settlement figure (better or worse), or a ruling from the court (more favorable or less favorable). There are innumerous examples o ways in which even lawyers with years of experience are alarmed to learn. 

You can expect to be questioned a good amount and asked to provide evidence – medical records and bills, pay stubs, photos, videos, and much more. 

You can expect a period  during which your lawyer negotiates on your behalf to see if settlement is possible. It is a process whereby the sides start at dollar amounts quite far apart and continue working towards the middle until arriving at terms that are acceptable to you and the other side. 

You can also expect discussion of a possible lawsuit. 

The Manaster Law Firm PLLC sets aside time each month to provide legal  services to those who would otherwise have no representation. If you believe you qualify for assistance on a pro bono basis, please let us know.