Defective design, defective manufacturing, and failure to warn of danger all create unreasonable risk of harm. Everyone in the chain of distribution, from manufacturer to retailer, owe you a duty to deliver safe products.

If you were injured using a product the way it’s meant to be used, you have the right to recover damages.

Manaster Law Firm will fight to right the wrong that hurt you.

dangerous products

claim only if defective

A dangerous product is not necessarily a defective one. A claim against a manufacturer or distributor of a product rests on the existence of a defect.

A lawnmower is dangerous, but that does not mean it is defective. A person who flips a lawnmower over and sticks their hand in its spinning blade is unlikely to have a claim. If a person is using a lawnmower the way it is supposed to be used, and part of the blade breaks off and strikes them in the head, then they may have a legal claim. The question is whether the lawnmower contained a defect that made it inherently and unreasonably dangerous for normal use.

There are three types of defects that may give rise to a legal cause of action:

  • Design Defect: A design defect is a failing in the design that makes a product dangerous to use in the way it is intended to be used.
  • Manufacturing Defect A manufacturing defect is a flaw that occurs during the manufacturing process that renders a product unsafe for its ordinary use.
  • Marketing Defect: A labeling defect is a shortcoming in the instructions or warnings that make a product unsafe to use in the typical manner.
Proof in a product liability case requires a showing that one’s use is as intended. It also requires proof that no changes were made to the product.

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